Extract date property

Use this step if you need to extract a part of a date (e.g. the year or the month. The following properties can be extracted:

  • year': extract ‘year’ from date,
  • month': extract ‘month’ from date,
  • day': extract ‘day of month’ from date,
  • hour': extract ‘hour’ from date,
  • minutes': extract ‘minutes’ from date,
  • seconds': extract ‘seconds’ from date,
  • milliseconds': extract ‘milliseconds’ from date,
  • dayOfYear': extract ‘day of year’ from date,
  • dayOfWeek': extract ‘day of week’ from date,
  • week': extract ‘week number’ from date.

This step is supported by the following backends:

  • Mongo 4.2
  • Mongo 4.0
  • Mongo 3.6
  • Pandas (python)

Where to find this step?

  • Widget Date
  • Search bar

Options reference

  • Column to work on...: specify which column the extraction will operate on,

  • Property to extract...: the type of property the pipeline should extract (e.g. year, month)

  • New column name...: the column where the result will be stored. If unspecified, the column will be named after both the original date column and the type of operation (e.g. mycolumn_hour)


This configuration results in:

The hour property is extracted from the Transaction_date column.